Box One Stealth Expert Hubs 28 Hole

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  • • Enduro Abec 5 Low-Drag Sealed Bearings
  • • Micro Pre-load Adjuster
  • • Angled Hub Flanges
  • • Precision Spoke Holes
  • • Stainless Knurled Dropout Grip Rings
  • • 8mm Hex Bolts
  • • Dual-Texture Anodize

    The Box One Stealth Expert Hubset is designed to be lightweight FOR lightweight riders, and features small hub flanges, lower spoke counts and decreased material to keep the weight down. This makes the Stealth Expert Hubset ideal any Mini, Junior or Expert wheel build, but may also accommodate a lightweight rider looking to move up to a pro-sized bike.

    Recommended Rider weight under 140lbs. Chromoly Bolts Included

    Lower Drag = Faster Laps
    We all want faster lap times so we spec'd low-drag, non-contact seal bearings, and our micro pre-load adjuster so that you can save rolling resistance and decrease lap time. Enduro Abec 5 Low-Drag Sealed Bearings Micro Pre-Load Adjuster

    Better Geometry = Better Wheel Builds
    All Box Stealth hubs have angled hub flanges that help point the spokes directly at the rim, this paired with good hub flange spacing/geometry make for a wheel that stays in true longer and is more durable Angled hub flanges Precision spoke holes

    Axle 10mm
    Drilling 28H
    Finish Black Polished/Matte Anodized
    Material Aluminum Hub Shell & Axles
    Weight 105g/3.7oz (no bolts)