Kool-Stop Thinline Carbon Rim Brake Pads

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The KOOL-STOP Thinline Carbon Rims brake pads are a top choice for BMX riders with Carbon Fiber wheels. The Thinline all weather brake pads are made for all threaded stem brake systems, and features KOOL-STOP's "Power Stop" design for smooth, safe braking in all types of weather. Features:

- Designed for easy removal from systems with tight brake clearance
- Easy tire removal M-6 threaded post with washer assembly for four multiple spacing adjustments.
- Patented Angled Tip plows mud and rain off rims
- Exclusive Rim Friendly™ Carbon Fiber Rim Compound
- Made in USA

Material: Rim Friendly™ Carbon Fiber Rim Compound
Size: 70mm long
Color: Black
Weight: 58 grams /  2.05 ounces